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Enrolment Information

Thank you for your interest in placing your child with us at . We recognise that choosing a school is one of the most important decisions a parent has to make.

was established in 1982 by parents who wanted their children to have schooling that reflected their own teaching at home. We now have a long-established reputation for providing personal attention and individual care to each child.

Wait Pools

Please note that we currently have wait pools in place for several year groups. Where wait pools are in place, parents who have applied to enrol will be notified should a vacancy become available, at which point an enrolment interview will be offered. 

Applications are currently closed for Year 7 (2025) and Year 7 (2026). We apologise for any disappointment. 

02 4363 1266 | registrar@gpcc.nsw.edu.au 

Conditions of Enrolment

Prior to accepting a position at GPCC, all parents are expected to read the By signing the Application for Enrolment parents indicate their acceptance of those Conditions. For further information, you can also view our .

Enrolment FAQs

Below are answers to some of the most common enquiries we receive. If you can't find what you're looking for or need further information, please contact our Registrar on +61 2 4363 1266.

Who We Are

In reflection of our wonderful College since our humble beginnings in 1982, we have created a one-page document that highlights who we are, what our core purpose and mission is, and recognises some amazing achievements from the past year. 


What is the enrolment process at GPCC?

Apply to Enrol
Step 1: Apply to enrol your child by completing the online application form. A $50 fee is payable to complete your application. It is never too early to apply to enrol your child as part of our wait pool.

Step 2: Interview with the Head of School. Invitations to interview are offered according to our preference system listed in our , which is available on our website. Interviews for Kindergarten and Year 7 are held in Term 2 in the year prior to the desired year of commencement. Students in the wait pool are invited to an interview if, and when, a position becomes available. 

Letter of Offer
Step 3: Letter of Offer sent. An offer for a position at GPCC may be made, provided GPCC is satisfied that your child fulfills the College’s considerations as per our . Your place is confirmed once the online acceptance form has been signed and submitted, and the Enrolment Fee payment has been received. 


When do I need to apply?

We have growing wait pools across many year levels, so it is never too early to apply. To assist with our enrolment planning, we recommend submitting an application to enrol at least two years prior to your child’s desired start year. 


What happens to my application if there is no vacancy in the desired grade?

Where there are no positions available in a particular grade, your application will be added to the wait pool. If a position becomes available, parents will be notified, and an enrolment interview will be offered. Applications remain on file and valid, unless they are withdrawn by request. 


What is the cost to apply to enrol my child?

A non-refundable application fee of $50 applies for each child you wish to apply to enrol. A non-refundable enrolment fee of $250 per child is payable within two weeks of an enrolment being offered, capped at $500 when enrolling multiple children at the same time.

Click here for more information about our College Fees.


I already have a child at the school, will siblings automatically have a place?

If you already have a child attending GPCC then siblings are given priority consideration in the enrolment process. To be considered for this type of preferential enrolment, we recommend submitting an application for siblings at least two years prior to the intended start year. 


What age should my child be to enrol in Kindergarten?

Applicants for Kindergarten should turn 5 years of age by April 30 of the year of enrolment.

Kindergarten interviews are held in April and May the year prior to enrolment. If you are unsure about your child’s year of entry into Kindergarten, please contact our Registrar. 


I’d like my child to change schools. Is it possible to enrol now?

Our key entry year levels are Kindergarten and Year 7. If you are seeking enrolment for a different grade, then please contact our Registrar to discuss your needs.

Applications for immediate commencement will be reviewed and actioned as soon as possible, provided there is a vacancy in the grade required. 


Does my child have to sit an entrance test?

GPCC is not a selective school so your child will not be asked to sit an entrance test prior to being offered a place. Literacy and numeracy skills are assessed during the interview and orientation process to assist with class placement and planning. 


Will my child be able to attend an orientation day prior to attending GPCC?

To ensure a smooth transition for children starting school, GPCC has an extensive orientation program allowing children to become familiar with their new learning environment prior to commencing. Orientation programs are tailored to the needs of both Primary and Secondary students. 


Do I need to re-apply when my child is moving from Year 6 to Year 7 at GPCC?

If your child is enrolled in Year 6 at GPCC, you are not required to reapply for Secondary school. We anticipate our Year 6 students will continue their Secondary schooling at the College.